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Lisa, the dental technician was wonderful. Very concerned about any concerns that I may have had and was very proactive in helping me and my teeth!! As always, Dr. Krinsky is a pleasure! Thank you!
Sheryl E

I love everything about the office! After many years of fear and bad dental experiences I have found a place where I can feel comfortable and get amazing dental work
Melinda L

I love that I am always seen on time and do not have to sit in the waiting room. Love the staff and my dental hygienist rocks! She and Dr. Krinsky are respectful of my needs and concerns.
Magdalena M.

Dr Krinsky and staff are amazing,Amanda is a fantastic hygenist and makes you feel so good about any dental issues and preventative care,etc. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Krinsky!!
Diana V.

Dr Krinsky’s staff is welcoming and attentive. Amanda provided a thorough and gentle cleaning, as well as important information about my dental health. Dr Krinsky reviewed my new, full mouth x rays and offered a plan for future care. I highly recommend Dr Krinsky’s practice to anyone seeking dental excellent dental care.
Carolyn G

Amanda is dope at her job and delightful to chat with!
Asher S

I ❤️ Harold Krinsky and his staff!
Terry S.

What can I say? I’ve been a patient of this practice for over 20 years. They put up with my whining about x-rays (and every other thing) graciously and with understanding. I am one of those fearful patients and they always go above and beyond to help me stay calm. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I actually stopped going to the dentist for a period of time (not wise, I know!) when a job changed caused Dr. Krinsky to be “out of network” for me. Thankfully, that was a short time and my next dental policy included him!
Dena L

I love my dentist. This visit I brought in my husband but have L almost my entire family. We are extremely happy there I hope Dr. Bonanno never retires! Lisa, is always amazing and I know that my family is always in good hands.

My husband and I have been going to Dr Krinsky for 20 plus years and have been more than satisfied with all his dental services, from cleanings to implants and crowns. He and all his staff are friendly and concerned about our dental health.
Patricia T.

I came in with a broken tooth and Dr. Krinsky and team were able to address right away. Dr. Krinsky worked both quickly and carefully, making my tooth–a temp–look super good. He has my complete trust. Also, there happened to be a cancellation and the team got me in for a cleaning, saving me an extra trip. Love this Dentist and his team!

These guys might be a throwback to when doctors and dentists really cared about you and your family, not just dentistry, but nothing about them is old fashioned. They have a very modern approach to their profession while simultaneously being very enlightened intellectually and emotionally. The entire office staff is positive and super happy to see you when you come in. And super busy. I couldn’t help notice over my many many office visits that everyone seems to love them all. Dr krinsky was able to set implants and give me teeth which I can actually chew with! ….something I have been waiting for years and years because no one thought it possible or had a viable solution to my situation.

I will forever pass their name on and encourage my friends to see Dr. Krinsky and Dr. Bonono. These guys are miraculous in their outlook and their approach to dentistry. I cannot sing their praises high enough and I am glad to have the opportunity to tell you about them.

Dear Dr. Krinsky and staff,
I feel so great after my painless appointment with you today. My teeth look great! After having two not so great dental experiences over the past years, I am happy to have been referred to you by a close friend. I think Ive found my dentist for life. Thanks to all of your staff, especially your hygenist who was fantastic today. Never thought I’d look forward to seeing a dentist. See you in October.
Alan Melnick

Dr. Krinsky & Staff,
Cannot say enough about this place! Dr. Krinsky is the best dentist I’ve ever met!! I went there seeking a second (fourth actually) opinion regarding the need for an implant. I left there with an appt to go ahead with the procedure for the following week after spending months meeting with other dentists and oral surgeons. I quickly felt confident in him and his staff once I sat down in the “chair.” His dental assistant was friendly and reassured me that the procedure would be much easier than my anxiety warranted. Truth be told: the procedure was painless. Dr. Krinsky also fixed my bite while I was there and I didn’t even mention that it was a problem. (It’s been a huge problem for years) What a great experience. Need a great dentist? He’s the man and his staff are wonderful too.
Julie T.

Dear Dr. Krinsky,
Thank you so much for the replacement crown that you provided to me without charge. Your kindness and good humor, along with your excellence and professionalism, are greatly appreciated. You and your staff make dental work fun!
Very Sincerely,
Paula Sbertoli

Dr. Krinsky & Staff,
I realize I have a hate/love relationship with you all. I love the highest standard of quality care I receive at your office. I love the genuine concern of everyone in the office. I love that everyone knows me by name. I love how cheerful everyone is & I love the humorous banner.
Now that being said, I hate that I ever have reason to see any of you. But because I do I am very grateful & thankful for always taking great care of my teeth. I can & do always tell people – I hate going to the dents, but I love my dentist & his staff!
Julie Helenius

Dr. Krinsky & Staff,
The Entire staff is always awesome to deal with and they make you feel so welcome. Lisa even made my x-rays PAINLESS!! Thank you Dr. Krinsky for hiring the best of the best; your office is great!.
John Garrido

Thank you for the incredibly warm welcome yesterday. I have finally found a dental office that feels like home. Everyone is so nice and your entire group makes people like me (scared of dentist offices) feel comfortable and completely taken care of.
Thanks again for all that you do!
Nicole Tsamoulos

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