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root canal FAQsRoot canals are always a terrifying prospect. Most patients fear the procedure, imagining pain and struggle with a handful of money. Our dentists at the office of Harold Krinsky, DDS are here to answer your questions and provide information to make you feel more at ease with the process of root canals. These root canal FAQs are provided by our Forest Glen endodontists and can provide general information about the process, from consultation to aftercare.

When Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal is the passageway that runs from the hollow space in your tooth to the ends of the roots. This is caused when too deep of a cavity is formed and creates a dangerous hole in your tooth. A root canal treatment is needed when the tooth pulp becomes infected or too inflamed due to decay. A root canal procedure can stop the infection from spreading, as it removes the pulp that has become infected.

Does It Hurt?

Root canal treatments are far less painful than their reputation grants them. Endodontics have improved to make root canal treatments no more painful than a typical composite or silver filling that you would receive for a cavity. Dentists can remove the infected pulp without causing too much pain. It is the infection that causes most of the pain, as it inflames the areas around your tooth’s nerve endings. These root canal FAQs will show that the root canal procedure is very beneficial and is nothing to be afraid of.

What Do I Need for Root Canal Aftercare?

After the procedure is complete, much like a filling, your tooth and the surrounding area will feel very sensitive for a few days. The area can become inflamed, and your dentist or endodontist will prescribe pain medication to relieve any ailing symptoms. You must not chew or put pressure on the area that has received a root canal, and in a second scheduled appointment with your Forest Glen dentist, you can receive a filling or a crown for protection.

Get Your Root Canal Today and Avoid the Pain!

Our advanced endodontics at Dr. Krinsky’s office near Forest Glen ensure that you will receive a comfortable and efficient root canal treatment. Review the root canal FAQs to familiarize yourself with the process as well as its aftercare to make sure you are well informed. Our dentists can review root canal FAQs with you to help you determine if the procedure is right for you, contact us today.

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