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root canal factsOut of all the various types of dental treatments available today, endodontics and root canal therapy tend to have the worst reputation, and that is unfortunate. People are quick to believe the scary stories and myths surrounding this type of procedure, but they never stop to learn the root canal facts and just how beneficial this treatment can be. If you have been told that you should have a root canal, there is no need to panic. Just learn the truth about the procedure, and you will see why it is a good choice.

It Is Not Painful

This is one of the root canal facts that you certainly want to understand. The current condition of your teeth and the decayed and infected pulp is what is causing the pain. The root canal therapy’s goal is to relieve that pain. With the anesthetic and modern technologies in place today, you will find that getting a root canal is no more painful than getting a filling. Many who have root canals today even describe the procedure as painless.

Getting an Extraction

Some people believe that it would just be easier for them to get an extraction. However, having your tooth removed is rarely the right choice. It is always better to try to save as much of your natural tooth as possible. This will help to keep your bone healthy and jaw strong. Extraction is more traumatic, and it leaves a gap in your teeth, which you will likely want to have fixed with a restoration procedure. Simply getting a root canal is often the best option.

Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy

To learn more of these root canal facts and discuss having the procedure, please contact our dentists in Forest Glen at Krinsky, DDS. We are ready to help. Call 773-685-9666 or visit the contact page.

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