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candidate for root canals

There are many elective dental treatments, such as cosmetic dentistry and even some restorative options, but when it comes to root canal treatment it is often a necessity. Patients of Harold Krinsky, DDS in Forest Glen, IL will be told that they are a candidate for root canals when the treatment is essential.

As your preferred dentist in Forest Glen, Dr. Krinsky will only recommend root canals because a bacterial infection has reached into the pulp of the tooth or even down into the nerve area of the root. A root canal is necessary when the tissue is decayed, irritated, and impossible to remedy in any other way. Of course, you may learn that you are a candidate for root canals because you have the need for an overly large filling, the tooth has been severely damaged, or because a filling did not prevent further decay and more work is needed.

What to Do When You Are a Candidate for Root Canals

If you come to our office with serious oral pain and learn you are a candidate for root canals, don’t panic. Though this treatment once had a very unfavorable reputation, today’s root canals are painless and quite fast, often seeming similar to a standard filling. The only substantial difference is that most root canals are not finished with a filling but rely on a crown. This is because so much of the tooth material has to be removed, and it is much more effective to treat it with the crown instead.

As a candidate for this treatment, you will have to pay two visits to our office. The first is for the actual root canal, and Dr. Krinsky will complete your treatment that day with a temporary crown. When your custom-made crown returns from the lab, we will have you come in to bond it to the tooth and ensure it is fully restored and functional.

Hearing that you require this treatment is not actually bad news. Yes, it means the tooth has serious decay, but the good news is that a root canal can enable you to retain the tooth and this is the best road to overall health and wellbeing as time passes. The loss of adult teeth weakens the jaw and causes gum tissue to recede. It can cause the remaining teeth to shift out of position, and lead to various problems such as misalignment, wear and tear and even TMJ. A root canal retains the roots and keeps the rest of the teeth in place.

Contact Our Forest Glen Dentist for Root Canal Treatment

If you have additional questions about what it means when you are a candidate for root canals, or about any of the other treatments mentioned here, give us a call at our Forest Glen, IL office at 773-685-9666. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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