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From the office of Harold Krinsky, DDS: Dentures Aftercaredentures aftercare

Dentures are a common device used to replace bad or missing teeth in your mouth. The portable devices can be removed from your mouth at any time for ease and convenience, and are not permanently fixed to your mouth. Since they can be taken out and put in repeatedly, it will take some time adjusting to them. Here are the ways in which restorative dentists can help you adapt to and maintain your dentures in Forest Glen.

The Adjustment Period

Once dentures have been fitted and created to mold to your mouth, we recommend that you keep them in for at least 24 hours to adjust to the feeling. They may feel loose or sore in some areas, and this is all part of dentures aftercare. Get used to the way they feel by eating a small treat or sucking on a candy.

Eating can be challenging at first. As dentures are typically a little larger than normal teeth, there is less room left between them for chewing. Place small pieces of food between your teeth to begin with, and adjust your eating accordingly.

Your oral and facial muscles may need time to adjust to the new size of the dentures. Because of this, it may be difficult to speak for a few days. Talk slowly and use vocal exercises to get used to the way you speak. After your brain re-trains your mouth and facial muscles, it will become easier to talk.

Dentures Aftercare

While it is recommended that you keep your dentures in for 24 hours, afterward you must learn the proper restorative dentistry recommended aftercare techniques. It is best to clean dentures often, as leaving them out can cause a buildup of bacteria and other unsanitary dirt to cause infection. Clean the dentures with cold water only. While the dentures are left out to dry, clean your mouth with water and salt to purify it of any debris. After the denture procedure has fully healed, dentists recommend that you use dental adhesive to secure your new teeth in place.

Get Your Set of Dentures Today!

We can provide restorative dentistry services to provide you with a set of dentures that will improve your healthy lifestyle and bring you a better smile. Contact the office of Dr. Harold Krinsky in Forest Glen for a consultation about dentures and dentures aftercare. You can become equipped with information that will help you decide if dentures are the right dentistry choice for you.

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