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dental implants aftercare

At the office of Dr. Harold Krinsky in Forest Glen, we’re here to tell you that implants are an important procedure. But even more important is the implants aftercare. Maintaining good aftercare using tips from your orthodontist can ensure that your implants remain effective and your mouth stays free of complications or injury.

Orthodontists and general dentists alike know that dental implants and any part of restorative dentistry can be a hefty procedure, and are usually irreversible as they are attached to the bone mass of your jaw or mouth. They serve to provide you with permanent dentures that mold to the shape of your face and give you a natural tooth and bone feel. These implants come with an important set of instructions for aftercare, however.

Top Dental Implants Aftercare Tips

A dental implants specialist in Forest Glen can offer these top safety and protective aftercare measures to maintain the health of your mouth and functionality of your dental implants:

  • Use prescribed mouthwash. The most important part of dental implants aftercare is keeping the mouth as clean as possible, and this can be done with regular (and careful) brushing, as well as the use of mouthwash as prescribed by the specialized dentist. It can be used once a day or certain times during the week to maintain hygiene.
  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling and bruising that may occur because of the dental implants. Your face and jaw may become sore, and this is all part of the recovery process.
  • Use prescribed pain medication. As the procedure to place dental implants is a surgery, let your dentist and orthodontist prescribe a medication that will best help relieve the pain you may feel from the resulting operation. It may take a few weeks for the pain to fully subside.
  • Drink only cold drinks and do not eat until all anesthetics have worn off and most of the pain has subsided.
  • Keep away from smoking or other unhealthy habits until the mouth is fully healed and your dental implants are ready for full use.

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By visiting or contacting the office of Harold Krinsky, DDS in Forest Glen, you can set up an appointment to be fitted for the dental implants that will best work for you. Doctor Krinsky can offer consultations and information on dental implants aftercare to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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