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Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have a lot of missing teeth, or your teeth have sustained damage to the point where they can no longer be restored and have to be extracted, you should consider the benefits of dental implants. Realistically, extraction is the least of your worries – what you have to think about is what will happen in your mouth afterward. Ignoring missing teeth is absolutely not advisable – you may not be in pain any longer from decayed teeth, but you are going to have all those gaps in your mouth that have to be closed up in order to prevent the bone structure of your jaw from deteriorating.

Often, the solution is dentures, and to be sure, this is a cost-effective means of correcting the problem, but although dentures will give you back nearly full functionality, they will do nothing to forestall bone loss. Not only do dental implants replace your missing teeth, they actually encourage bone growth in your jaw. This is just one of the benefits of dental implants – the others are a completely natural feel, no chance of ever dropping or losing them since they are permanently fixed in your jaw. All you have to do with your implants is brush and floss, and of course see your dentist regularly to make sure that your gums are in good shape.

So what exactly are implants? They’re just titanium screws that are surgically placed in your jaw, and used to hold a prosthetic tooth (crown) in place. Another benefit of dental implants is that they prevent your face from sagging – dentures will do this to some extent, but not the same way that implants will.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth, and they work exactly the same way as your original teeth. In fact, the only thing that can damage your implants are the same things that would harm natural teeth – a blow to the mouth for instance, or grinding your teeth, or biting down too hard.

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