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periodontics factsWhile you might know a bit about what your dentist does, you might not know much about the field of periodontics. Many believe that they can simply use any dentist to help with their gums, and that is likely because they do not know some of the basic periodontics facts or what these specialists can do. If you have issues with your gums, take the time to learn more about this field and what the specialists can do to help you.

Not All Dentists Specialize in Gum Problems

Just because you have a good general dentist right now does not mean they can take care of your gum treatment and other issues that you might have. A periodontist has extra years of training in the field of periodontics that specialize in treating gum disease and other gum issues, as well as placing dental implants.

Lasers Are Not Always the Solution

Many dentists today are happy to provide laser treatment that can help with gum disease. While the lasers are a fantastic technology that can help in some cases, it might not always be the right solution. A periodontist will know whether you should be using conventional treatments or lasers for the treatment. In some cases, the use of lasers could even delay your treatment, which will make the condition get worse.

You Might Not Need Surgery

Many people believe the myths rather than the periodontics facts when it comes to gum disease treatments. They might have heard that they need to have surgery, and in advanced cases, this might be true. However, there are also nonsurgical approaches that can be utilized, such as root planing and scaling, as well as perioscopy treatment, which is not invasive.

Learn More About Periodontics from Our Forest Glen Dentist

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