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porcelain crowns FAQsDo you have issues with your teeth being cracked or broken? If so, you have probably been searching for a good option in the field of cosmetic dentistry that can help you improve the look and the health of your smile. One of the options you might want to consider in the field of cosmetic dentistry is porcelain crowns. You can talk with a dentist in Forest Glen about the benefits and to learn whether you are a good candidate for the dental crown treatment. The following are porcelain crown FAQs you should know.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a type of restoration that is placed over the remaining tooth. If you have a broken tooth, this will go right over the top of it. However, it is important to remember that this is not the only type of problem this can fix. It can also help those who have teeth that are decaying, as well as those that have gaps, that are discolored or misshapen. Many dentists will use this as a means to help repair and conceal a number of various dental problems.

What Makes a Porcelain Crown Great?

Here is another of the porcelain crown FAQs that many think about when they are contemplating getting a crown. The full porcelain crown options are able to restore not only the function of the teeth, but also the appearance. In addition, the procedure is relatively simple.

What Is the Procedure?

One of the other porcelain crown FAQs is in regards to the procedure. People want to know what they can expect. In most cases, it takes two steps. During the first step, the dentist will prepare the teeth and take a mold of them. They will then send the mold out to a specialist who will create the crown. The patient will usually receive a temporary crown until the porcelain crown arrives. At that point, the dentist will bond it into place.

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If you have some additional questions to ask our Forest Glen dentists that weren’t covered in the porcelain crown FAQs, you will want to get in contact with us today. It is easy to do simply by calling 773-685-9666 or visiting our contact page. After learning about the porcelain crown FAQs, you might find it is the perfect solution for you needs.

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