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Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown is a full dental restoration that covers the entirety of your tooth, all the way from the chewing surface down to the gum line. The benefits of porcelain dental crowns are many – crowns not only restore the function of your tooth, enabling you to bite and chew the way you were meant to, they give back its appearance as well.

What Porcelain Crowns Can Do For You

You probably know about dental crowns, but you may not be aware of the full range of benefits of porcelain crowns. First and foremost, of course, they can ease your discomfort. If your tooth is broken, severely decayed, or infected, then you are inevitably going to have a toothache. You may even need root canal treatment in order to fill the tooth and restore it to its original function. Then, a porcelain dental crown will be installed to protect what remains of the tooth, and relieve your pain.

Another of the benefits of porcelain crowns is that they are very easy to install. It simply requires taking an impression of your tooth and using it to create the crown, which is then put in place using a special cement. Your crown will be made to match the rest of your teeth.

While the primary benefits of porcelain crowns are restorative, they can also improve the appearance of your teeth. They are used not just to correct damage, but also to fix discoloration and crookedness when installed as part of a cosmetic makeover. In fact, some clients choose to have a full set of crowns installed to correct multiple dental imperfections.

One of the most important benefits of porcelain crowns is their durability. If you take care of your porcelain crowns with regular brushing and flossing the same way you would with your natural teeth, they can last for decades – they might even outlast you.

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