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Your Procedure and Cosmetic Dentistry Aftercarecosmetic dentistry aftercare

Cosmetic dentistry aftercare is a simple process, but it must be maintained to receive the full effects of the procedure. Working alongside Dr. Krinsky, you can establish simple aftercare methods that are easy for you as well as your cosmetic dentist to maintain.

Purchase the Right Products

If you have just received a cosmetic procedure such as Invisalign, teeth whitening, or even porcelain veneers, it is necessary to purchase the right aftercare and at-home dental products to keep your teeth from damage or wear. Make sure to acquire toothpaste that is non-abrasive. Some gels can erase the effects of newly whitened teeth, or can wear off the new porcelain of a veneer. Your teeth will likely be sensitive from a new procedure, and you wouldn’t want to wear them further with the incorrect products.

Visit your Cosmetic Dentist Often

Aftercare can be a two-person job. Visit us at the office of Dr. Krinsky and have your cosmetic dentist assist you in your aftercare needs. Regular checkups can provide information on your teeth whitening process, and assess your recovery. In Forest Glen, dentists are available to describe the aftercare process to assess any pain or sensitivity you may be feeling after your procedure.

Some Take Home Tips

Your cosmetic dentist will provide you with all your aftercare needs, but make sure you have what you need to care for your teeth daily. Some commonly prescribed and recommended items are:

  • Pain medication. If your cosmetic procedure gives you any pain or discomfort in the healing process, our dentists may prescribe pain medications for relief and comfort. Non-prescription drugs can also be used in moderation to ease the pain.
  • Eating guide. After any oral surgery or major cosmetic dentistry procedure, it is important in aftercare to not chew on the part of your mouth that has been worked on. Find soft foods such as pudding or yogurt to satisfy your hunger until the pain has subsided.
  • Brushing and rinsing tools. Avoid brushing the area that has been made sensitive during your procedure, and rinse out your mouth often with warm salt water.

Come Into Our Office Today and Receive Excellent Aftercare!

Visit the office of Harold Krinsky, DDS to schedule your next cosmetic dentistry appointment and procedure. After each procedure, you will receive excellent aftercare help and assistance with at-home aftercare. Your Forest Glen dentist can provide you with more information to assist you with any procedure. Contact our cosmetic dentist in Forest Glen.

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