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The Most Common and Useful Porcelain Fixed Bridges FAQsporcelain fixed bridges FAQs

For a natural looking smile, our patients in Forest Glen often inquire about the process and procedures of Porcelain Fixed Bridges. But what exactly does the procedure entail, and how do you know if you qualify? Our dental bridge specialists have created a list of useful porcelain fixed bridges FAQs to help you determine if this restorative dentistry procedure is right for you.

Why Need a Porcelain Fixed Bridge?

Our city dentists recommend porcelain fixed bridges as a great and secure way to replace missing or damaged teeth. The porcelain helps to maintain the look of a natural tooth and cover up the chips or breakages that lead to a not-so-satisfactory smile. The main function of a porcelain fixed bridge is to replace missing teeth by using existing teeth to anchor a bridge of porcelain in the shape of a natural tooth.

How Often Does a Bridge Need to Be Maintained?

Aftercare and continued maintenance of porcelain fixed bridges are essential to the functionality of this procedure. Make sure to treat your porcelain fixed bridge like a normal tooth, utilizing good brushing and flossing methods each day. We like to schedule an aftercare appointment sometime after the bridge procedure is complete, to make sure all is still in place and that it looks to be functioning well.

Why Porcelain?

Dental porcelain is as functional as it is aesthetic. These porcelain fixed bridges FAQs will show that porcelain is the best way to replace a broken or missing tooth. Its color is the same as a natural tooth, and acts in a similar way. Porcelain is a durable material that can withstand heavy pressure, but it is also prone to chipping the same way as a natural tooth is. Dental bridge specialists recommend porcelain above all other materials for the application of bridges, crowns, dentures, implants, and fillings. Restorative dentistry professionals always use porcelain for their procedures.

Call Our Office Today for Porcelain Fixed Bridges!

With our porcelain fixed bridges FAQs, we ensure a painless and restorative dentistry procedure that can improve your health and your smile. Contact the office of Harold Krinsky in Forest Glen for an informative consultation and assessment to see whether porcelain fixed bridges are right for you. Our dentists can equip you with the information needed from application to aftercare.

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